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MOSAIC Award Recipient – Berta Weyenberg

Jewish Family & Career Services is proud to honor our MOSAIC Award recipients. These five individuals who call Louisville home have made significant contributions in their professions and our community. To date, JFCS has recognized almost 70 refugees, immigrants and first-generation Americans who make our community richer and stronger for their work. We are excited to have Neeli Bendapudi, Di Tran, Berta Weyenberg, Kaveh Zamanian and Bapion Ziba join the ranks of these remarkable individuals.

This is Berta Weyenberg’s story.

Berta Weyenberg came to Louisville in December of 1996 through the United States lottery visa seeking freedom from the Cuban regime. She has worked for Jefferson County Public Schools for 24 years as the English as a Second Language Intake Center Coordinator and is a leading advocate in bringing international communities together.

In her role at JCPS, Berta is recognized as an essential supporter of students and families. She ensures every ESL child and every family is aware of the many educational, extracurricular and professional choices available to them. With more than 150 languages represented in the JCPS school system, if English is your second language, your educational journey begins with Berta.

Berta also manages Spanish social media for JCPS and uses those platforms to share valuable information with the Latinx community. Her volunteer activities are vast, and she feels that giving back to the community is an important part of who she is. She is recognized as a visionary leader, outstanding human being and proud Cuban American.

Berta enjoys making connections between people and their community – something JFCS is guided to do every day through our work and our values, specifically Kehilah.

Kehilah, or the connections that strengthen individuals and build community, is more than an organizational value for JFCS – it is the way in which we serve our clients each and every day. We connect clients and their families to area resources, to other community members and to new possibilities in order to empower them, encouraging them to learn and leverage their own individual strengths and talents to succeed. Like Berta, we believe in the strength of individuals to forge their own path and make their own informed decisions.

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