Showing Love

My grandmother had many ways of showing love, but feeding us is the way I so often feel her presence in my life decades after her passing. When my grown sons come home, I ask, “What can I make you?” Food is a way I show love, too. Imagine yourself as a parent or grandparent who can’t ask the children …

Mental Health First Aid: Out of the Shadows

At Hanukkah, we are reminded that even during the darkest hours of the darkest
days, a single candle can pierce the night. Hidden things are illuminated.
Their power to frighten is dispelled when we are able to see clearly what’s in
front of us and name what was previously lurking in the shadows.
too often, mental health continues to be that hidden thing.

Family Strengthening Supports Stability for Children

Family Strengthening services help people navigate life’s changes and challenges through a client-centered, case management approach. When vulnerable parents get the help they need to stand on more solid ground, their children do, too. Our Family Strengthening services are customized to help each family meet their self-identified goals and may include: asset building, budget development, career coaching and counseling, family …

Jewish Family & Career Services and Kentucky Refugee Ministries Partner in New Logan Street Artisan Shop

“Over the past 20 of years working with refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs the largest barrier I’ve seen to opening a successful storefront is managing the financial burden of overhead at the beginning of their business venture” shares Cynthia Brown, Director of the Navigate Enterprise Center. “The new Jewish Family & Career Services and Kentucky Refugee Ministries Artisan Shop will mitigate …

Are you ready to LAUNCH?

Preparing for post-secondary education or employment after high school can be daunting for any student nearing graduation, but students with disabilities can face more barriers as they enter adulthood. In 2014, federal vocational rehabilitation law added pre-employment transition services (or pre-ETS), which are designed to prepare students for post-secondary education and the workforce by supplementing existing programs in schools and …

Connecting Communities

A Roman philosopher once said, “ Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Connecting Communities, a new program from JFCS’s Navigate Enterprise Center, exemplifies this message by turning the preparation we do with our clients every day into an opportunity to create life-changing experiences. Through a bit of luck, JFCS began working with the Fund for the Arts NeXt …