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History Comes Full Circle For Kohn Family

At Jewish Family & Career Services, we hold our history dear. For example, in the fall, JFCS will be relaunching the Oral History, which interviews Jewish individuals to capture their story, experiences, and ultimately their legacy. These rounds of interviews will focus on Jewish identity and how that has been shaped through the decades.

Recently, at our Annual Meeting, JFCS welcomed a new slate of community leaders to the JFCS Board of Directors and said goodbye to several others who are stepping down.  When the board elected Mr. David Kohn as the new Board President, JFCS found itself at a unique juncture. This marks the first time in our history that a parent and child have served as the president for JFCS.

David’s mother, Marjorie Kohn, also led JFVS (before the name was changed to JFCS) as Board President. During her time, she created a powerful legacy, both professional and personally, that now bridges generations. Along with her strong leadership as President, Margie, and husband Robert, left an indelible mark on JFCS when they created the Marjorie and Robert Kohn Pledge 13 Endowment, establishing the Pledge 13 program. This program encourages Bar and Bat Mitzvah students to give a minimum of 13 hours of community service, instilling a volunteer mindset in youth at a critical age. Many youth who go through the program, continue to volunteer with JFCS.

In following his mother’s footsteps, David Kohn both honors this powerful legacy, while bringing a fresh perspective to the role of Board President. We look forward to his leadership and guidance as we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of social service needs in our community.

The generational connection between David and Margie serves as an example of how our history informs our future. JFCS’ Jewish roots continue to guide our mission and vision as an organization, and this new chapter will deepen those roots. David’s deep appreciation for the values that JFCS upholds make him an ideal leader as we continue to foster a more inclusive environment where everyone feels supported and empowered.

As we embrace this new chapter, we extend our deepest gratitude to Mike Fine, who has served JFCS as Board President for the past three years. Mike has demonstrated exceptional leadership, steering JFCS through significant milestones such as the transition of leadership to David Finke, the creation of a 3-year-strategic plan, and deepened our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and our overall growth in programs and services.  Mike has truly helped set JFCS up for future success and we thank him for his invaluable contributions to JFCS and the greater Louisville community.  We look forward to his continued involvement with JFCS.

We also want to acknowledge those who are rotating off the board and express our deepest gratitude for your service to JFCS and the Louisville Community.  These individuals are:

  • Robin Stratton
  • Jordan Green
  • Micah Jorrisch
  • James Ensign
  • Linda Shapiro
  • Derwin Webb

At our annual meeting we reflected on the past year’s successes – our history – with an eye towards the future. JFCS is truly poised for a future filled with growth, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our community. We honor the legacy of those who, like Margie Kohn, Mike Fine and others, have helped build JFCS’ solid foundation. And we continue to embrace the fresh perspectives from those like David Kohn, and our new board members, that will guide us forward. Together, we will continue to build a stronger, more compassionate community, rooted in the values that have always defined JFCS: Kavod (Respect), Chesed (Compassion), Kehilah (Community), Tzedek (Justice), and Avodah (Service).  The journey ahead is one of hope, growth, and unwavering commitment to ALL in our community.