Mental Health First Aid

A Virtual Training to Identify, Understand and Respond to Signs of Mental Illness.

JFCS believes each of us has the power to be a first-responder when we encounter someone in crisis. We have invested in training our staff to provide Mental Health First Aid training courses virtually.

Our vision is a community collectively more prepared to respond to those in need and to help them find a path to professional services and recovery.

The first step in addressing the challenge is to combat the stigmas associated with mental health and substance use. Through Mental Health First Aid training, we explore the power of the words we use and how our language can amplify or reduce stigma.

Through Mental Health First Aid training, we also equip individuals to offer support. We are planting seeds so that people in the community are prepared as “noticers.” We empower them to recognize the signs of mental illness and to develop the skills necessary to respond with non-judgmental social support. We know that once people feel comfort and acceptance, they are more likely to seek professional help.

And, of course, we offer professional services at JFCS. In addition to individual, couples, and family counseling, we can also provide our clients psychiatric medication assessment and management.

Mental Health First Aid is just one of the evidenced-based modalities we use. Many of our staff are trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and other best practices that are tailored to meet individual needs. As an agency, we are highly collaborative and networked with other service providers. We often connect people to community resources outside of JFCS, if their needs extend beyond our purview. We are currently working to re-imagine this program to be delivered in a virtual format. More information will be available soon.

Together, we believe we can lift mental health and substance use out of the shadows to make a real and meaningful difference that touches the hidden places in so many peoples’ hearts.

Learn more about Mental Health First Aid and Counseling Services or contact us at or 502-452-6341 x 120

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