Jewish Family & Career Services

Here for Times Like These, Here for You

The unemployment rate hit nearly 15 percent today. The number is staggering but inadequate to convey the personal experience in each loss — of a job, a livelihood, a pathway to pay for education, a career, an identity, a calling, an income, a way to care for family, a sense of purpose.

Since the start of this crisis, our skilled and compassionate staff has been listening to the immediate, concrete needs of those who are the first to be impacted. With generous community support, we are responding with food and counseling, financial assistance and financial coaching.

We know from past events (like 9/11 and the Great Recession) that career direction and job search at a time of collective upheaval and uncertainty can be overwhelming, even paralyzing. Bringing together our expertise in career and personal counseling, as well as financial coaching, JFCS is offering an immediate, practical way to take your next step.

What to Do NOW: Strategies for Career, Finances & Health is a four-part series, free and open to all. Topics include career exploration; your job search toolkit; networking in the age of social distancing; and, financial planning for new realities. People are invited to attend one, several or all sessions.

Even in “normal” times, unemployment can be an isolating, lonely experience. Please know that whatever you have lost, however you feel, however uncertain the future may seem — you don’t have to go it alone.

We are here for times like these. We are here for you.

Contact us for more information about What to Do NOW: Strategies for Career, Finances & Health and other services: or 502-452-6341 x 120.