Jewish Family & Career Services

A Pivotal Moment

JFCS holds a vision for Greater Louisville where all live with dignity and purpose. Our work is to expand possibilities so that each person and every family can meet life’s challenges with confidence. We are guided by values of kavod, respect for the undeniable humanity of each person; and, tzedek, advocacy that fosters fairness and equity.

We condemn the racism and the violence against Black people that was and is perpetrated, sanctioned and systematized. We mourn the senseless killings of George Floyd in the street, Breonna Taylor in her bed, Ahmed Aubrey out for a run, and of the countless others whose lives were taken because they were Black. We bear witness to the pain of their families, friends and the Black community.

This is a pivotal moment — to live what we say we value, to act in accordance with our words. We are needing to listen, but it must be a deeper listening than in the past. A listening that leads to hearing, a hearing that leads to action, and action that leads to change.

We commit to that listening, to the self-reflection it will demand of us and to following the lead of our Black community in fighting for just change.

By Deb Frockt
Chief Executive Officer
Jewish Family & Career Services