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The power to repair our world!

When one person is hurting, our community is hurting.
When one person starts healing, our community begins healing.

One of JFCS’s core values is Avodah which translates to service. Service to others has the power to repair our world! The world can begin with your individual self, extend to your family and community, and that is how the world is healed.

Throughout our 115-year history, JFCS has adapted to the changes that take place in our community. Through continued support from individuals like you, we have been able to respond in the most immediate way to serve individuals, families, and community groups in their times of crisis.

Now we’re faced with the current crisis in Israel and Gaza. Triggered by these unfolding events, many in our community experienced a trauma reaction and, as the social service arm of the Jewish Community, we heard the need. JFCS instantly responded to individual, and community needs in a rapid, unique, and powerful way, offering options to process and cope with the emotional toll, to all in the Louisville Community, serving as a representation of the Jewish Community.

Some of the things JFCS has done to help our community cope with the trauma in Israel and Gaza, on top of our ongoing services are:

  • Free individual counseling sessions to anyone regardless of faith of cultural background to manage and process the trauma that is triggered from seeing the violence on the news.
  • Support groups to process in a community environment and remind everyone that they are not alone.
  • Support to local Jewish organizations in their response efforts focusing on mental and emotional wellbeing for staff and community members.
  • Guidance to parents of all faiths and cultural backgrounds on how to talk to their children of all ages about the Israeli and Gaza war.

As we enter the season of giving, we want to remind you that supporters like YOU allow us to continue supporting the community as we have while also responding to pressing needs like these.

By making a gift to JFCS this holiday season, you empower us to continue to practice Avodah by being responsive to the immediate needs of our community.  A gift also helps us be better prepared for the next time we are called upon to serve. There is much uncertainty ahead and you can be confident in knowing we are here for anyone who needs us. YOU make that possible.

Your gift to JFCS will continue to build resilience, strengthen our community, and ensure that we can continue to be a safe haven for the next 115 years. Thank you for your dedication to our work and deep commitment to this community. We could not do this without you!

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