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New Beginnings – A Passover Message

Each year on Passover as we commemorate the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt, we celebrate themes of spring, renewal and beginnings. Items on the Seder plate remind us that out of hardship and oppression there is an opportunity to begin again. We look outside and in Kentucky, the Eastern Redbuds and Bradford Pear trees are bursting with life after lying dormant through the winter.

We witness new beginnings every day at JFCS, where we meet families who are facing life’s most difficult challenges and working to overcome barriers to reach their goals. At a time when it can be difficult to envision life beyond these barriers, JFCS empowers our clients by identifying their assets, resiliencies, and strengths so that they may – one step at a time – begin again.

What does it take to begin again? To blossom and start anew after a cold and brutal season? Clients who feel empowered to be experts in their own lives – to set goals that are realistic and meaningful to their journey – is the first step in starting anew. Our clients, equipped with their past experiences and unique perspectives, are not alone in their journey. Whether the goal is to lessen anxiety, access stable housing, or age with dignity in their own home, JFCS works to provide “kehilah,” connections that strengthen individuals and build community. We understand that it takes a village – staff, clients, volunteers, stakeholders and partners all play a role in fostering an environment where new beginnings are supported, goals are respected, and setbacks are not shamed.

We carry the opportunities of Passover with us year-round at JFCS so that all in Greater Louisville have the chance to live with dignity and purpose. Through asset-based family strengthening, we provide the support for our clients to break free from the barriers that hold them back, and work to advocate against the structural barriers that are often too large for individuals to overcome on their own. This Passover season, may we be reminded that each of us holds our own keys to beginning again, and that JFCS is here to help individuals and families along the journey.

–Avery Markel, Volunteer & Events Manager