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Celebrating Successes of Refugees & Immigrants – A MOSAIC Tradition

JFCS has been proud to host the presentation of the Jeff and Phyllis Osbourn Scholarship at our annual MOSAIC dinner. Because MOSAIC 2021 is in a virtual format, the award is being presented virtually.

The Jeff and Phyllis Osbourn Scholarship Fund at the Legacy Foundation of Kentuckiana (formerly Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation) recognizes an immigrant or refugee pursuing a career in nursing or other high-demand healthcare fields. The Osbourn Scholarship fits well at MOSAIC and with Jewish Family & Career Services because of our regionally recognized work in recredentialing and career laddering for refugees and immigrants in Greater Louisville.

Queensly Pat-Enike is the 2021 Jeff and Phyllis Osbourn Scholarship recipient. Here is Queensly’s story in her own words.

My name is Queensly Pat-Enike. I am from Nigeria. I moved to the United States in August 2016 on an F1 visa to pursue a college education in Nursing. It has been a very tough journey as the exchange rate went up four hundred and sixty naira to one American dollar. But because my family is very supportive of my dreams and goals, they have been taking out loans to help me through. This I am very grateful for.

I have always wanted to build the most reliable hospital in my country since I was 13 years old. This goal became evident while I was in the hospital, after I had my appendix removed. There were serious complications which were caused by the hospital’s negligence. These complications left an ugly scar in my stomach, that does not only remind me of how painful it was, but the goal/plan I have to make a difference. In the same space of time, some people died from the same complications because they couldn’t afford to pay more medical bills to resolve the complications. This continues till today because of the high rate of poverty. The lack of good and affordable hospital in Nigeria is not considered an urgent need because it does not affect the wealthy, in the sense that they can afford to fly out of the country for medical treatments. 

I want to be a life saver. The health of the Nigerian citizens is a priority to me especially the poor. I believe in the betterment of my country Nigeria, and I know I can make a change health wise. Health issues limit a lot of Nigerians to how much they can do. I grew up in a poor neighborhood amidst the poor people where sickness leads to starvation and to death, especially when the sick person is the bread winner of the house. Building an affordable hospital, will help to reduce the death rate among the poor.

Also, I want to be an employer of labor. The rate of crime in Nigeria increases by the day because of the rate of unemployment in the youth circle. Most of the Nigerian youths are involved in robbery, kidnapping, and internet fraud in order to make a living. And when it is talked about, they blame it on unemployment. Building a hospital in Nigeria, will create employment for some youths, which I believe will reduce the rate of crimes and corruptions.

Jewish Family & Career Services is dedicated to empowering refugees and immigrants to pursue their dreams. Our dedicated Career Services staff assist refugees, immigrants and their families in returning to their former careers through document evaluation, recredentialing and recertification. We also help individuals explore new career options and expand opportunities to build strong careers.