Jewish Family & Career Services

Where Are We Now?

In March, the global COVID-19 crisis brought about a drastic shift in how human service agencies, like Jewish Family & Career Services, provide services and ongoing support to clients.

JFCS quickly adapted to a world in which in-person services were no longer an option. We have continued to provide counseling, career support, access to food, and direct assistance to our clients and community members who need it most. In these past eight months, we have seen a marked increase in the number of individuals and families navigating new financial realities and seeking services in response to COVID-19.

So, where are we now?

Since July 2020, we have helped…

  • 373 older adults and family caregivers manage the aging process by providing care coordination, counseling, family caregiving support, grandparents raising grandchildren support, long-term care planning, PALS transportation service, senior concierge homecare, and various support groups.
  • 707 individuals receive holistic family strengthening services such as career coaching and counseling, financial assistance and financial literacy, food pantry services, individual, couple, and family counseling, parenting coaching, resource coordination, and various workshops.
  • 143 individuals, couples, and families improve their emotional well-being and realize their life goals through counseling and personal coaching in addition to support groups and workshops.

And there is still more to do.

Each day JFCS staff members receive new requests for food, direct assistance, and support from members of the Greater Louisville community. This important work is possible thanks to generous JFCS donors and volunteers who work along with our professional staff to ensure that all in Greater Louisville live with dignity and purpose. You can help JFCS expand possibilities for each person and every family to meet life’s challenges with confidence, here.