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Supporting Transgender Youth: Support Group for Parents and Caregivers of Transgender Youth

You are welcome here. Your family is loved here.

At Jewish Family and Career Services one of our core values is Kehilah (Community) which means connections that strengthen individuals and build community. We believe that the opportunity to go through life with others and share stories, struggles, and successes is what brings meaning to individuals and communities.

Our support group is for parents and caregivers raising transgender, non-binary or otherwise gender-expansive children and teens. We hope to provide a safe space to share experiences, ask questions, and receive guidance and support from others who understand your situation. This population face unique challenges that require sensitive and supportive care. As parents or caregivers, it can be difficult to navigate these challenges on our own, which is why this support group is an invaluable resource.

As a parent or caregiver, you may be grappling with complex emotions and concerns about your child’s safety, well-being, and future. This support group provides parents with valuable information about how to best support your child. You may also be navigating unfamiliar territory when it comes to medical, educational and legal issues.   

The main thing we want you to know is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. These groups provide you with the opportunity to connect with others, share experiences, and feel the comfort of a supportive community.

You can join this free, virtual support group that meets on the third Monday evening of every month by registering below.  The group is facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker.