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Mentorship Runs in the Family – Landry’s Story

Before JFCS Navigate client Landry Dunn ever considered a career in the insurance industry, his would-be mentors were already encouraging him to try it out. Even with his father Larry, uncle Rodney and cousin Tarik established in the insurance field, Landry tried other avenues and business ventures on his own. Looking back, he realized his obstacles were in part driven by a need to do it alone and not seek help. When Landry began to reach out to his family about insurance, everything changed for the better.  

Landry’s cousin Tarik had been encouraging him to look at the insurance industry well before Landy ever considered it a realistic possibility. But when he was ready, Tarik was there, providing him with all the initial information he needed to get started. Landry also relied on his father and uncle for advice as he began to build his business. Landry told us, “Having someone who has already accomplished the goals I am working towards, who has a blueprint for success – is priceless.”  

Working with mentors has been crucial to Landry’s success in his new venture, The Landry Dunn Agency

While Landry is lucky that his mentors are also members of his family, he believes it’s important to have a mentor who knows you well and understands what it takes to be the best version of yourself in all facets of life. His mentors have counseled him through the process and given support, even visiting him in Louisville as his business officially opened. Even as he struggled, it was comforting to vent to his mentors – family who knew him and insurance professionals who understood the specific issues. 

The best advice Landry’s mentors gave him? “Embrace the mess. The mess is where you learn and cleaning up the mess is how you improve. The goal is to not make the same mess twice.” Most people don’t like to make mistakes and focus on being perfect, but we all know that’s just not how life goes. Embracing the imperfections leads to greater accomplishments down the road.  

Mentorship made Landry’s dreams possible. It’s true that Landry did a lot of work on his own and should be commended for that; but as Landry explains it, nothing ever truly happens on your own: 

“Good athletes become great athletes when they find the right coach, good students become great students when they find a teacher that motivates them, and good businessmen become great by listening to their mentor. That voice in your head telling you, you don’t need any help, that is your ego. Listening to your ego will leave you broke. A real voice, pushing you, motivating you, teaching you how to learn from their mistakes, that’s a mentor. Listening to a mentor will put you in position to win as long as you put in the work.” 

Landry was referred to JFCS Navigate looking for some assistance to continue supporting his small business. We worked with Landry to evaluate his business plan and last month, Landry received a microloan from JFCS Navigate. With some extra capital and the tools needed to grow his business, along with the continued encouragement of JFCS Navigate and his mentors, we see great things happening for this entrepreneur.  

Landry Dunn provides home, auto, life and commercial insurance through The Landry Dunn Agency.