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JFCS Career Services & Project EM

Embracing, Empowering & Employing Greater Louisville & Beyond 

In January of 2022, JFCS joined over nineteen other Jewish nonprofits across the country to create Project EM, a national initiative to support job seekers through holistic methods. Supported by the Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies and the Jewish Federations of North America, Project EM aims not just to employ job seekers, but to embrace and empower them to achieve their goals. We understand that each job seeker is an individual with their own unique needs. Through interactive workshops, career exploration and job search preparation services and wraparound services from JFCS and other local organizations, we not only can help Project EM clients find jobs but address various life challenges that can be impacting their overall well-being. Remote career counseling and online workshops expand our reach, so anyone in Greater Louisville and beyond can benefit from our services. Project EM aligns directly with JFCS and our family strengthening approach – working with clients in a holistic way to foster the resilience they need to face life’s challenges with confidence.  

Meet Cindy Key – Project EM Career Counselor 

Leading Project EM at JFCS is Career Counselor Cindy Key. Joining JFCS in 2020, Cindy brings over twenty years of experience as a transition strategist, career counselor/coach and executive coach. She helps individuals from all walks of life, a vast array of industries and many countries, focus to align their skills, interests and experience, then communicate and leverage their unique value, to create new meaningful employment, find job opportunities, gain a promotion, start a business or achieve important personal goals. Transforming work, a job, or any situation, begins with small individual actions and connection.  Cindy’s holistic focus begins with the needs and goals of the individual.  Her experience allows her to guide with résumés, interviews, job searching, salary negotiations, labor market research, exploring careers, navigating challenging career transitions, and more depending on an individual’s goals and needs.  

Community Connections: Kris’s Story 

Kris was referred to JFCS by a local counselor after taking a leave of absence from their job for three months. Kris wanted to find a part-time opportunity that was safe, less physical and less stressful than their previous positions. JFCS worked with Kris to identify their interests and prepare for a job search with resume, interviewing and networking skills. JFCS connected Kris with a partner organization that aligns with their interests and within just one month, Kris met their goal of securing a part-time position with benefits. JFCS worked with Kris in a holistic way to identify the type of position they needed to meet their goals. Utilizing community partners and referrals, JFCS strengthened our relationships and Kris expanded their opportunities. 

JFCS and Project EM are here to support job seekers in Greater Louisville and beyond. If you or someone you know are unemployed or underemployed, schedule an appointment with us today to embark on your new career path!