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Celebrating Black History Month 

How to participate in Black History Month through education and celebrations

This year’s Black History Month theme is African Americans and the Arts. Historically, the arts have been a way for the social justice movement to reach activists in a unique and powerful way. Through poetry, music, performing arts, or even digital arts, African Americans have used their vast talents to overcome struggles and resist oppression.   As we kick off Black History Month, we celebrate African Americans’ achievements made throughout the history of the United States.

Many times, throughout Black History Month, the focus is solely on the oppression that the black community has faced without celebrating Black excellence and the incredible contributions they made to society (which was often not acknowledged or taught at the time). Through education, it is important to learn about the struggles that they overcame, AND learn about everything that we have today because of the sacrifices and ongoing contributions of Black artists, scientists, academics, politicians, doctors, activists, lawyers, teachers, and more.

This month, the National Museum of African American History & Culture will celebrate focus areas of Black artists who used their talents in the arts for social justice. The week breakdown is below:

We will work to promote not only African American artists but will highlight the contributions and work of Kentucky artists who have made a difference in Louisville, our state, our country and the world.  We will also promote local events that are taking place to celebrate Black History Month.   Together, let’s learn, promote, discuss, and CELEBRATE Black History Month!