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Celebrating Black History Month at JFCS

JFCS CEO, David Finke, Ph.D. talks about what Black History Month means to him:

Black History Month, to me, is the opportunity it provides me personally and professionally as the leader of JFCS to further live out our values of justice, community, and respect.  I see Black History Month as a reminder to once again look back upon our nation’s history, thinking about the systemic wrongs that have been inflicted on black members of our community.  Equally important, I see Black History Month as the chance to acknowledge and celebrate the resilience of black Americans, who, despite systemic racism and historic barriers to success, have succeeded and continue to create a community where they and all of us can live with dignity and purpose. 

While we focus on Black America this month, it is important to remember that the established and accepted practices of racism that were implemented by whites in our country and continue to reverberate centuries later, can have a similar deleterious effect to all marginalized communities.  Freedom from persecution and violence because of who you are, what you look like, how you identify, or from where you originate, is an ongoing struggle in our culture.  To me, the significance of Black History Month is that, only by recognizing and fighting to change our history of systemic racism and acknowledging the strengths of those it has impacted, can JFCS fulfill its vision of a Louisville where all live with dignity and purpose.

This month, we will highlight individuals who have paved the way and are currently fighting for the liberation of Black Louisvillians. We will also be promoting ways you can celebrate in Louisville through festivals, activities, and how you can support Black businesses in Louisville.