Jewish Family & Career Services

We Need Kindness More Than Ever

Two years into the pandemic, it’s safe to say that most of us are really feeling the weight of it all: balancing work, family, friends, and health during ever-changing circumstances. It has taken its toll.  Division is everywhere and the stress can feel overwhelming. We can turn on the TV or look online for animosity any day. What we and our community need more than ever is simple kindness.

Next week JFCS will recognize Random Acts of Kindness Week and celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on Thursday, February 17th. As we do so, we’ll embody the value of Chesed – one of the Jewish values that guides our work – in striving for actions rooted in empathy and compassion. Visit our social media platforms for creative and fun ideas on how to spread kindness through Chesed.

Kindness is a choice, many times a brave one in a world where hostility seems like the only option. Over the next week, let’s think of ways we can spread kindness. Whether it’s holding the door open for someone, letting another driver take the good parking spot, calling a relative to check in or paying it forward at Starbucks. Let’s live through the value of Chesed and act with empathy and compassion for others. A small and random act of kindness can have a never-ending ripple effect.

How will you spread kindness?