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Meet Valecia Quinn, JFCS Navigate Director

JFCS Navigate Director Valecia Quinn has only been with us for less than a year, but she’s already making an impact, showcasing our services for local entrepreneurs and meeting with community partners to strengthen our relationships. As she begins to pilot a new mentorship program at JFCS, we asked her about the secret to her success. The answer is her mentor and friend of over 25 years, Ed Graves.  

Ed is currently the CEO of New Mexico Magazine and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He and Valecia met when they both worked in the newspaper industry. Ed was a Circulation Director and Valecia engaged in a three-year circulation management program. As he became aware of Valecia’s career goal to be a director herself, Ed began to provide her with growth opportunities that grew her skills and opened doors for her professionally.  

Since then, Ed has been a sounding board, counselor, gentle critic, friend and even mentee. “If you ask Ed, he will quickly say I’ve been his mentor as well,” Valecia said. “It’s a 2-way partnership!  From the start of the mentoring partnership, coupled with a long-lasting friendship, we have both learned from each other, sharing the skills and knowledge that made us better as professionals and made us grow as people.”  

The best advice Ed has given Valecia over the years is not to compromise your beliefs or the truth and to do what you know is right. In the end, you must live with yourself and feel confident about the decisions you make. That advice has guided Valecia through her career and continues to do so to this day. Ed, like most great mentors, spotted potential in Valecia for new adventures and endeavors, even if she initially second-guessed herself. This is true mentorship, and luckily for us, most recently led to Valecia joining JFCS Navigate after a successful career with the news publishing industry! 

Everyone can benefit from mentorship and even multiple mentors – it’s all about your willingness to learn, share and grow. Each person has something to bring to the relationship. Sharing experiences and being sounding boards for one another can make you feel valued, make smart and educated career choices, and most of all, supported. As Valecia states, “My successes, as well as my stumbles, are a result of my dedication and drive to be my best and my mentor, Ed Graves, has been there the whole time. You’re missing out if you do not have a mentor!” 

JFCS Navigate is piloting a new mentor program this year. If you are searching for a mentor or if you are a professional interested in mentoring in  your industry, please contact JFCS at 502-452-6341 x120 or