Volunteer Spotlight: Henry Strull

Henry next to flowers he planted outside of JFCS.

A student who volunteers over summer vacation, while remarkable and generous, is rare. Henry Strull, a rising senior at IU Bloomington, has fortunately taken up the mantle. After studying abroad in Prague this past semester, enjoying tasty pastries and scenery, and learning about the Prague itself, Henry came back to Louisville and immediately began volunteering. First, he volunteered for two days at Franciscan Kitchen where 750 homeless men a day are fed.  Soon afterward, Henry decided to volunteer at JFCS. He planted flowers, cleaned, checked dates on food donations and stocked our food pantry, helped move boxes, and organized various items around our office. When asked what his favorite activity was, Henry replied, “I liked planting the flowers because it made me feel like I was contributing to something greater than myself.”

Henry, a Finance major, enjoyed meeting with and learning about multiple departments at JFCS, with the guidance of Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Toebbe. Henry met with Kathy and Tony at Metro Housing Coalition, where he learned about redlining and unfair housing practices. He also met with Cynthia Brown and Mona Dajani of The Navigate Enterprise Center, where he learned about Navigate’s impact within the Louisville small business community and how the program helps create economic opportunities for entrepreneurs from underserved communities.

When asked why he chose to volunteer at JFCS, Henry explained, “It was a good opportunity to get volunteer experience and give back to the community.” After skillfully volunteering at JFCS, Henry is off to an internship in Chicago. Afterward, he will head back to IU for his final year of Undergraduate school before he enters the workplace. After learning about what JFCS does, Henry praised agencies which help those less fortunate, and those who have far fewer opportunities than he has, gain some footing in the workforce. Henry is off to make the world a better place in his own way and we thank him for his contributions to JFCS this summer!

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