Volunteer Spotlight: Debbie Hyman

JFCS has many amazing, selfless, hard-working, generous and talented volunteers. All volunteers are precious; giving JFCS their most valuable asset; their time. Once in a while, JFCS has a volunteer who stands out even from this distinguished crowd. Debbie Hyman is one such volunteer. Since Debbie retired and became an empty-nester, she has helped JFCS in myriad ways. With JFCS Career Services Debbie gives that personal touch 1:1 with job-seeking clients applying for jobs, checking online help wanted ads and more. Debbie offers assistance, friendship, and encouragement to those who need it most.

Debbie picks up JFCS Dare to Care orders from the Fern Valley Dare to Care location and schlepps hundreds of pounds of donations to JFCS for our food pantry one Monday morning per month. After making no fewer than three trips from her vehicle with donation-laden carts, Debbie then helps process the items the agency gets, putting them into smaller bags if necessary and storing them in the best places. One Monday morning Debbie saw a need for vertical storage in the volunteer office, went to Home Depot where she purchased, brought back to JFCS the same day, erected and filled sturdy, heirloom storage shelving which renders the volunteer office tidier and safer! Debbie becomes a woman on a mission; often seeing what needs to be done and doing it.

Debbie is a proud mother who cheerfully rises to every need, even in the midst of out of town guests, entertaining, home renovation and back to back Seder meals in her home. No job or cause is too big or too small. No JFCS client need unworthy and nothing Debbie wouldn’t do to help anyone. Debbie is tickled pink to be related to practically everyone in the Jewish Louisville community; gleefully announcing “oh yeah that’s my cousin!” often. What an honor and a privilege it is to have Debbie Hyman as a dedicated JFCS volunteer.

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