Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle Porche

VIALou (Volunteers in Action-Louisville) is a new young adult volunteer program which focuses on monthly service projects. The goal of VIALou is to connect the values that underscore the work and mission of JFCS to larger community service projects.

Danielle Porche

Volunteers like Danielle Porche who serves on the leadership council have been valuable assets to the team. Past projects have included partnering with My Dog Eats First and the Guiding Light Islamic Center.

“I was so thrilled to hear about the idea for the VIALou service group. I have always wanted to spend more time helping others, but often felt overwhelmed in the process of choosing a project and coordinating my efforts.  By teaming together with other like-minded individuals, I was allowed a platform to brainstorm and collaborate with others who had similar goals.” –Danielle Porche

The next event will be held Saturday, April 29th, 2017. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, please contact Lisa Sobel-Berlow at [email protected] or Naomi Malka at [email protected].

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