Three Purposeful Parenting Tips

July is purposeful parenting month. This month we have several tips for parents who work long and hard to keep their kids safe and loved.

Tip 1: Parenting with a Purpose

One of the most important and exciting decisions you can make as a parent is to define success goals for your child. Choosing, communicating and pursuing clear and age-appropriate goals for your child will give them a sense of purpose that brings them the experience of mastering their world as they achieve the designated benchmarks in their lives. Your definition of success for your child must reflect your child’s interests, skills and abilities and not just yours.

Tip 2: Parenting with Clarity

Communication between parents and their children is essential for building and maintaining a loving and productive relationship. Children need to feel that they have certain power and influence within the framework of the boundaries that you have created in your family. The primary way to promote that feeling is to give them your full, undivided attention and weigh very carefully what they are seeking to convey. Listening is crucial.

Tip 3:  Parenting by Negotiation

As parents, you can negotiate with many different styles. Knowing the different personalities of your children will tell you what kind of negotiation approach to take. If you have got a highly rebellious kid, you do not necessarily want to approach the negotiations in a heavy-handed way. One of the first steps in teaching your child negotiation basics is to make sure he or she can predict the consequences of their actions, so they have a sense of responsibility for the outcomes generated. Five critical steps to successful negotiation are: – Narrow the area of dispute. – Find out what it is they want. – Work to find a middle ground. – Be specific in your agreement and the negotiation’s outcome. – Make negotiated agreements that are shorter term in the beginning.

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