Things You Might Not Know Tuesday

Hola! Welcome to a brand new week at JFCS, and a brand-new series. Join the JFCS blog right here, every Tuesday, for Things You Might Not Know (about JFCS) ! We realize that JFCS has a wide array of services, and even if you’re familiar with one or none or most of of our departments, there’s always something new to learn about this 105-year old agency.

Today, we start with the basics: the JFCS mission statement. While we do indeed focus on “awesomeness”, the quote above is not exactly correct. Our agency’s mission statement reads thus:

We are a non-profit comprehensive human services organization in Louisville, Kentucky founded in 1908, serving the entire community with programs focusing on:

• Adoption Services
• Career Management
• College Advisement
• Counseling and Group Workshops
• Klein Older Adult Services
• Multicultural Programming

We help people identify their strengths and provide them with the tools to manage the challenges of their daily life.

People from diverse backgrounds, each with a different personal need come to our “village” seeking support and fulfillment. At JFCS, we welcome them all, because their needs are human needs that transcend race, religion, ethnic origin, age and gender.

Not as intimidating as it sounds, honest! But how else do you sum up all that JFCS does in one statement? We’ll get into the nuts and bolts of all that this covers in upcoming TYMNK features. Stay tuned!

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