Things You Might Not Know Tuesday: Options for the Mature Worker

Things You Might Not Know returns this week with Options for the Mature Worker.  For those 60+ and looking to be employed, it can be bewildering out there. Huge technological changes have changed the job landscape. Will you need to be recertified, or go back to school for a new degree? How the heck do you deal with all these weird young people you have to work with (ok, now we may be exaggerating a little bit 🙂 ) Don’t worry! Thanks to a grant from KIPDA, Jewish Family & Career Services’ offers a host of benefits for FREE to the golden year-ed job seeker.

In today’s job field, the majority of the challenge is in electronic job applications, with much less emphasis on the face-to-face. For a lot of older job hunters, especially ones who have been in long-term employment, this can be bewildering. You may also have difficulty, being labeled “overqualified”, having so much experience. Never fear! JFCS has your plan of attack:

  • Review of your pre- and post- retirement career options
  • Assistance with the transition from career to post-retirement employment
  • Planning your transition from one career field to another
  • Assistance in establishing your employment opportunities

We also offer an assessment, to determine abilities, interests and career personality. Resume development, internet job search coaching, and basic computer training are also offered! If you feel like this might be the ticket, contact Andrea Brown at (502) 452-6341 ext. 334 for more information. As our Career Counselor specializing in mature careers, Andrea helps people find not only a job, but one that they love – and again, thanks to KIPDA’s generous grant these services are free. What do you have to lose? You’re never too old to start over and find something new!

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