Things You Might Not Know About JFCS: The Diabetes Support Group

In addition to our wide range of ways to help people, JFCS offers a pretty big list of support groups. We have support meetings for caregivers, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s sufferers, Grandparents (or relatives) Raising Grandkids…you name it, there’s an array. Amongst these is this week’s feature: You Might Not Know about JFCS’ Diabetes Support Group.

This totally free-to-attend group meets the third Monday of every month at 2 PM (the next one is…February 18), and is open to any Diabetes patient, at any stage – prediabetics welcome too! It’s a chance to meet up and share experiences, offer support, swap recipes (sugar-free cookies, perhaps?), and share ideas and practices for coping with this condition.

Come join us for a laid-back and chill meeting with other people who can relate. For more information, contact Edie Mahaffey at (502) 452-6341 ext. 309. For a full listing of our current support groups, visit the JFCS Let Us Help You page.

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