Thank you very much for your assistance…

…in folding the endless Kroger bags for Dare To Care!!!
Article written by Shelley Kahn, Volunteer Coordinator
Food is a basic human need and right. No one should have to go to bed hungry or have to choose between buying food or paying rent.
In the past 2 days, 25 JFCS volunteers folded 4,000 plastic Kroger bags – helping to prepare them for Dare To Care’s annual city wide food drive. These bags will be distributed all over the Metro area in the very near future. Indirectly, you contributed to the welfare of those in need in the Louisville Metro area. JFCS is pleased to be able to provide this support to Dare To Care as one of their partnering agencies.
The JFCS Volunteers who participated were: Don Powell, Siddy Rosenberg, Frankie Bloom, Diane Joels, Marcy Rosengarten, Gita Comer, Jan Glaubinger, Nancy Blodgett, Bonnie Bizer, Cheryl Smith, Clara Rowe, Marilyn Niren, Laina Meyerowitz, Jenna Rawson, Margot Barr, Ray Eva Lipetz, Lois Marcus, Marcia and Sam Jacobs, Marie Spalding, Eileen Kaplan, Samantha Stewart, Emily Podgursky and John Rogde.
We thank you for your support of this agency, of Dare To Care and for all of the clients we serve.

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