Ten Tips for Thriving During the Holidays

1. Learn to 10 Tips for Thriving During the HolidaysSay NO. Give yourself permission to decline invitations or added responsibilities that you don’t want. Remember this is your holiday!

2.  Change Things Up. Families change over time, and traditions can be updated to reflect the current needs and desires of family members.

3. Join Festivities in Moderation. Decide how long you want to stay at a particular event ahead of time. Leaving early is ok.

4. Keep Up Routines. Keeping your regular routine as much as possible can help to lessen the over-loaded activity schedule that the holidays often bring.

5. Carve out Friend-Time. Have some holiday activities with the people you really want to be with.

6. Be Good to Yourself. Pamper yourself a little and make a point of getting enough rest, avoiding overeating and over-drinking.

7. Be Social.  Connect in person or over the phone with loved ones. Take a vacation from electronics and social media.

8. Center Yourself. Start the day with a brief inward focus or give time to yourself (through prayer, meditation, stretching or yoga, reading).

9. Don’t Over Analyze. Everyone reacts differently to the holidays, and for some, the holidays can be difficult.  Manage your expectations and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up.  Avoid comparing yourself to others.

10.  Pause and Check In. Reflect on what worked for you this year and think about modifications you would like to make or suggest to others.

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