Team Member Tuesday: Naomi Carrico

Therapist Naomi Carrico has been working at JFCS for nearly eight years. When asked why she chose to work at JFCS, Naomi explained, “JFCS has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was involved in so many activities here because my mother worked for the organization. The work that we do at JFCS is like no other. The staff is wonderful, the services help so many members of our community, and our mission directly correlates with my own personal morals and values. I honestly cannot imagine working anywhere else. I feel like I have truly come full circle with JFCS, and I hope to stay here for a very long time.”

To Naomi, “career” means passion. “My job is one of my passions. Working with people every day and helping people when they are their most vulnerable selves is so powerful and SO rewarding. Knowing that I can help even just one person feel empowered or understood is why I enjoying coming to work every day.”

Naomi recently married her fiancé, Josh. The second most important “man” in her life is her golden retriever, Teddy. Teddy is 2-years-old, and Naomi claims that Teddy will always be her first baby. To Naomi, family means home. It means “safety, love, loyalty; and the people who love you even when you’re not at your best and who support you no matter what.” Naomi, who thinks that we are always our truest selves with our family, says there is nothing in this world more important than family.

Naomi describes herself as compassionate, loyal, and fun-loving. She recently started a book club, so she’s enjoyed getting to read so many different books with her friends. She also loves bringing people together and entertaining. All of her hobbies have a common theme: “Food, friends, family, and wine!”

Naomi is known for her Chicken Tetrazzini. It has become a staple among her friends and at work potlucks. She adapted it from her mom’s recipe, and it is always a crowd pleaser! If she could have dinner with anyone from history, Naomi would choose Julia Child. As someone who enjoys cooking, Naomi would love to pick her brain about recipes and secret techniques. She also hopes that Julia would be doing the cooking that night!

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