Team Member Tuesday: Meet Anita Jarboe

Anita Jarboe, usually the first smile people receive when they walk in the building, has been working at JFCS for almost 19 years. Anita describes herself as funny, kind, and spontaneous. Anita lives 5 minutes from JFCS, which makes working at JFCS convenient and fun.

Her husband, Jeffrey, is a professional drummer and they dated for 13 years before they married! To Anita, family means “love and fun times spent together making memories.” Making memories is directly related to her favorite family tradition is making fudge and cookies at Christmas.

In her free time, Anita enjoys decorating (she often assists JFCS staff in personalizing their workspace), Lego house building, and coloring books, and her bucket list includes wanting to research her family ancestry.

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