Team Member Tuesday: Meet Aaron Guffey

When one thinks of a human service counselor, what do you see? For many, the first thing that comes to mind is a woman, usually 30-50ish, soft-spoken, even-tempered, a trusted advisor.

Aaron Guffey goes against that typecast.  He is a young, friendly man with a booming voice and a hearty laugh. Originally involved with occupational therapy, he was hired by JFCS to evaluate the capacity of clients needing home care.  It was observed that he was great with clients, so after a year, he was promoted to schedule the PALS rides for JFCS clients.

PALS stands for Passport Around Louisville Service, which provides weekday rides for seniors and those with disabilities to make medical appointments, shop for groceries, attend social events, etc. When asked why he chose to work at JFCS, Aaron said, “Because I believe in our mission to engage and enrich people in our community on a personal level that brings vital services to those who need them most.” To Aaron, “career” means how he can provide for himself while “giving something back to the community around [him].” That is part of the reason why he ended up at JFCS.

Aaron has an amazing partner, Julie, and four “ferocious felines” named Toola, Rogue, Strider, and Milo. To Aaron, family has nothing to do with blood. It has to do with the “bonds and values that we share and the differences we accept.”

Aaron describes himself as accepting, a joker, and a kid at heart. He enjoys tabletop gaming, which includes painting miniatures and building terrain. He also likes playing and listening to music, reading novels, comics, and exercising.

Aaron’s favorite book of all time, despite its grim nature, is The Road by Cormac McArthy. He likes it because of the “glimmers of hope presented in a world where there truly is none.” True to his nature, Aaron’s “bucket list” items include going on a train ride to visit the national parks out West, or maybe someday traveling to Japan!

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