Tame the Alzheimer’s Grinch

Today’s blog written by Kim Toebbe, Volunteer Coordinator

What is the Alzheimer’s Grinch?  Anyone living with the disease or other dementias can give you several instances wherein Alzheimer’s altered their holidays.  Stress and deviation from routine are sure-fire ways to trigger behaviors in one affected by a memory disorder and as much as we love our holidays, there is usually plenty of stress and disrupted routine!  Come to the JFCS 2-part series featuring JoAnna Weiss, formerly of the Alzheimer’s Association and AD expert, to learn coping skills to have a happier and more serene holiday. The series is on the third Fridays at 2 PM in December and January.

To RSVP, please contact Group Facilitator Kim Toebbe, (502) 452-6341, ext 103

As always, our regular Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group is free to attend and ongoing every third Friday of the month at 2 PM. Join us for support, friendship, great ideas, and interesting programs!  Contact Kim Toebbe at (502) 452-6341 ext. 103.


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