Taking Back Our Night

Today’s blog post brought to you by Amber Love, U of L Student and member of PEACC.

Take Back the Night is an event that brings together organizations and members of the community to take a stand and protest violence against women, while working to create awareness of the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that cause this specific type of violence. For over 22 years this unique event has made its appearance in Louisville, drawing different businesses, agencies, and civic organizations together for the sole purpose of speaking out against sexual violence.

The very first Take Back the Night took place in Philadelphia in 1975 when a young woman was stabbed by a stranger while walking alone at night. Women grouped together and held a rally in remembrance of her. They walked through the streets of Philadelphia at night holding candles. Since then, Take Back the Night has spread all over the globe to different countries, as well as here in the United States. Take Back the Night is all about the power of speaking out, and those that visit http://www.takebackthenight.org/ are encouraged to “Shatter the Silence” by sharing their own stories on the website. There is also a place on the site to donate to the cause.

Here at the University of Louisville, our annual Take Back the Night Event is happening Tuesday, September 28 from 5:30-7:30 P.M. at the Red Barn. No woman should ever have to feel afraid to walk the streets alone at night, so please support us in our attempt to Take Back the Night.

Read more about Take Back the Night here and here!

About Amber Love- She is a sophomore at the University of Louisville, studying English with a minor in Psychology. She plans to attend law school after graduation. She is working with PEACC through the Bonner Leader Program, meaning that she will be completing 300 hours of community service within a calendar year. She says that she enjoys working with PEACC because, “…the program believes first and foremost in preventing the further spread of sexual violence. PEACC is a great resource for educating people on campus and in the community, and also a safe place for people to go to seek help.”

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