Sweet New Year Family Mitzvah Party

On Sunday, September 8, Signature Healthcare and JFCS Family Mitzvah committee collaborated to hold a lovely “Sweet New Year Tea Party.” Several families joined with us to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with residents at Signature Healthcare.

Residents and visitors enjoyed apples, honey, tea and honey cake while they listened to spirited storyteller Marsha B. Roth. We were delighted with Marsha’s reading of “Yettel’s Feathers” and “The Rabbi and the 29 Witches.”

Afterward, the children presented hand-colored Rosh Hashanah cards to the seniors and wished them L’shana Tovah! Each person in attendance was able to express one wish for the new year.  Most of the seniors wished good health and happiness for their families and friends. Some children wished to get good grades. One mother said she wanted to spend more quality time with her children “doing things like this.” One child said she wants to help “the homeless and the starving.”

Intergenerational activities such as this one are what JFCS Family Mitzvah is all about — exemplifying the values of Tikkun Olam and mitzvoth.

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