Start the Adoption Process with the 2013 Adoption Fair

Today’s blog written by Executive Director of JFCS, Judy Freundlich Tiell

Adoption is a great way to build families, and there are many things to consider when you think about adoption. Things such as, Do I want to adopt domestically or internationally? Do I want to explore special needs adoption? Would I be best to adopt an infant or an older child?

On January 27th from 1- 4, the 2013 Adoption Fair sponsored by WLKY Wednesday’s Child will take place at Shelby Campus on Shelbyville Road in Louisville. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the different types of adoption, costs, ways to prepare, and speak with agency representatives who can talk to you about their programs. Prospective adoptive parents put together a home study with a social worker from a licensed adoption agency or from the state adoption services. This home study includes much material including child abuse and police clearances, financial data, reference letters, health information, and the results of interviews which focus on parenting styles, marital relationships and families of origins.

Learning about some of the key issues of adoption such as identity, attachment and loss is critical to becoming a successful adoptive family. So plan on attending the Adoption Fair this year, and start your adoption process!

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