Staff Interviews & Passover Foods

Happy Tuesday! Coming soon to the blog will be a weekly interview with a JFCS staff member! You can get to know us a bit better and learn in-depth about what we do here at the agency. Keep an eye out for that, as the series should start early next week!

We also urgently need Passover foods for our Food Pantry. We’re trying to get ready on time for Passover this year (already!), and need a full selection: matzah meal, matzah, potato starch, gelfite fish, cake mixes, brownie mixes, cereals, matzah ball mix, matzah ball soup, etc. Must be Kosher for Passover, and all donated food must be in its original packaging. And though the thought is appreciated, please don’t donate expired items! Bring your un-expired kosher Passover food in by March 24, and help out a Jewish family in need.

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