Staff Interviews: Bob Tiell

Today we talk to Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services here at JFCS. If you’re looking for a way to up your career a-game, smarten up your resume, or even if you should go back to school, Bob is the guy to ask!

– What do you like best about working for JFCS?

The organizational culture; the opportunity to positively impact on people’s lives and enhance our community’s overall quality of life.

-Can you tell us about a memorable experience or highlight that you’ve had with JFCS?

The large national initiative we just launched called the “Gateway Project.” This project involves a partnership with several local entities including Kentuckiana Works, JCTC, and JCPS. Gateway is designed to help career changers, job seekers, and incumbent health care workers better access and utilize online career information particularly information geared to the healthcare sector.

– What should a first-time client of yours expect when they visit?

On a client’s first visit, he/she can expect an initial professional consultation geared around alignment of the client’s career/employment goals and our specific programs and services. This enables the client to clearly see the benefit and value added features of our packages and thereby determine if and how they would like to proceed.

– Is there a client story you can tell us? How have (or do) you given someone the tools to accomplish their goals?

We see thousands of folks each year. However, one recent client, upon being downsized and offered outplacement services, stated: “A few months back I went to JFCS to develop a new career strategy. Without JFCS’ services, my career transition would have been considerably more difficult given current economic conditions. My investment of money and time was well worth it, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of career assistance whether large or small.”

– How has the interdisciplinary approach to career management helped your clients?

We are the longest standing independent career services provider in this region. Our approach is an outgrowth of many years of research, professional experience, and best practices within the industry. Our interdisciplinary approach provides clients with a holistic perspective that equips them to make better longer range career decisions on their own.

Thanks for talking to us this week, Bob! We’ll keep the blog up-to-date on the Gateway Project as it launches.