Speed Networking

JFCS Connect Speed Networking Event

A Program of Career & Workforce Development

This employment-focused event is an opportunity for candidates to mingle with potential employers in a unique and “speedy” way! Much like speed-dating, JFCS pairs employers with qualified candidates for short networking conversations. Candidates have the opportunity to interface with 20 employers per session!


At this event we are offering two sessions focusing on specific industries. The morning session will include employers in the Healthcare and Administration sectors and the afternoon session will include Business Professional & Management opportunities. Candidates can choose which session best aligns with their employment goals or purchase a ticket for both sessions!

We have hosted our signature JFCS Connect Speed Networking Event for over 3 years and employers consistently report hiring candidates they meet at our event. This spring, the JFCS Connect Speed Networking Event recently won the Mary Gunther Award, which is presented to the most innovative JFCS program of the year.

100% of the employers at our last event wanted to participate in a future JFCS Connect Speed Networking Event
81% of employers reported finding potential candidates to hire from this event
Candidates reported making an average of 5 meaningful connections after this event, among employers and other networkers

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Are you an employer who wishes to participate in the JFCS Connect Speed Networking Event?
Please contact Kendall Thirlwell at [email protected] or 502-322-1934 for more information

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