Klein Older Adult Services

When it comes to aging, no two people are affected in the same way.

That applies both to the older adult and those around him or her – a spouse, an adult child or a caregiver. At JFCS, we understand and offer an array of services designed to support both older adults (age 60 and older) and their caregivers to maintain the highest possible quality of life. We are dedicated to ensuring seniors live a safe, active, and healthy life by maintaining their independence throughout the aging process.

Our licensed clinical social workers, geriatric care managers, and other staff members in the Klein Older Adult Services division are there to assure that health, social, personal, transportation, housing and safety needs are met. We understand that every situation is unique and work with our clients and families to create individualized care plans that maximize independence, safety, and well-being.

Making Decisions

JFCS case managers can help you start that discussion and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the older adults, as well as the capabilities of future caregivers. Schedule an assessment today.

One day everything is fine, and the next day your world is turned upside down. Geriatric care management can help.

  • Assessment: There are many factors to consider our specialist in aging will conduct a comprehensive evaluation which guides the planning process so that you can make informed decisions about care.
  • Case Management: We often see clients who are juggling career, family needs, and caregiving at the same time, while others live too far from their parents or aging loved ones to help them meet their daily needs. We know that when clients have trouble understanding how to help the elders they care about, it is hard to make sense of the options. Our staff will assist you and your loved one in finding resources, making decisions, and managing stress


Being a caregiver is tougher than most jobs. Many caregivers and sandwiched between caring for elderly parents, as well as parental responsibilities for school-age children. These multiple responsibilities are always with you. Schedule a consultation today.

It is tough to be a parent, hold down a job and care for your parents. That is why we offer support for caregivers.

  • Support: When your responsibility shifts from your family role to that of caregiver, JFCS provides a practical and emotional hand to give you the lift you need. Learn about the aging process, stress management, problem-solving, self-care, boundary setting, safety and long-term care.
  • Groups: Caregivers facing challenges find help and camaraderie in our free support groups. In these meetings, you will find opportunities for problem-solving, education and mutual support.

When you’re looking for in-home care, Senior Concierge HomeCare has the recipe for success!

Let our caregivers serve your family’s in-home needs. Whether it is for a few hours or 24/7, our caring professionals provide comfort, socialization and the necessary assistance to maintain safety. It is our recipe for your peace of mind.

As people age, Senior Concierge HomeCare is there to assure that health, social, personal and recreational needs are met. Your continued independence, safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Senior Concierge HomeCare is a non-medical homecare program of Jewish Family & Career Services, an organization serving seniors in our community for more than 100 years. Let us continue this tradition by serving you.

Services include: Personal Care, Companionship Services, Homemaker Services (Light Housekeeping, Meal Planning and Preparation, and Help with Errands)

Contact Megan Haggard for more information 502-452-6341 ext. 278


JFCS has been an amazing resource for my family in navigating the caregiving challenge. We had no idea where to begin and they have led us through the entire process with tremendous compassion and knowledge. Caregiving is a fluid situation and everyone at JFCS has been very responsive to our changing needs. The people who do the hands-on caregiving in the home are well trained, professional and understanding of the challenges faced by aging adults. Everyone on the staff has provided excellent advice and support for our family as well as my grandmother throughout the entire process. They are always available to provide assistance and solutions for whatever new issue crops up. I feel certain my grandmother would not have been able to stay at home if it had not been for JFCS.

Sherry R.