Room Rental Agreement

Please read our terms before you complete the agreement form at the bottom of this page.


Meeting Room Use Agreement


Room Options

(Price per four hours maximum)

Board Room — $200
Theater Style: 100 chairs – CHAIRS ONLY – NO TABLES
Horseshoe Style: 13 tables, chairs outside only – 28 total
Horseshoe Style: 13 tables, chairs on inside & outside – 42 total
Large Rectangle: 18 tables, 40 chairs, chairs outside of rectangle
C-Shaped: 11 tables, 24 chairs
Classroom Style: 24 tables, 44 chairs, 6 rows, 4 tables/row

Multi-Purpose Room — $150
Theater Style: 43 chairs – CHAIRS ONLY – NO TABLES
Horseshoe Style: 10 tables – 24 chairs – outside only
Horseshoe Style: 10 tables – 34 chairs – inside & outside
Classroom Style: 12 tables, 32 chairs, 4 rows, 4 tables/row

Large Classroom — $100
Theater Style: 28 chairs – CHAIRS ONLY – NO TABLES
Horseshoe Style: 6 tables, 15 chairs, outside only
Classroom Style: 11 tables, 26 chairs, 4 rows, 2/3 tables/row
Rectangle: 8 tables, 20 chairs, 5/ea. Side

Small Classroom — $ 75
Theater Style: 25 chairs – CHAIRS ONLY – NO TABLES
Classroom Style: 18 chairs, 9 tables, 4 rows
Group Room: 16 chairs in circle formation

Seminar Room — $ 50
Theater Style: 15 chairs – CHAIRS ONLY – NO TABLES
Classroom Style: 12 chairs, 6 tables, 2 rows
Group Room: 18 chairs in circle formation


Registration Table

If you need a registration table, it must be in the lobby near the vending machines.



If you plan to serve food at your event, it must arrive prepared, with plates, cups, utensils, etc.


Chargeable Items

Security Reservation Charge $50. (Required for all functions after 5 p.m. weekdays and anytime on Saturday night or Sunday.) If reservation is cancelled no later than 72 hours before event, 100% of charge will be refunded. If cancelled less than 72 hours before event, no amount of charge will be refunded.

Other charges may be assessed if damage or destruction to property should occur.


Other Conditions

1. No tape or pins are allowed on the walls.

2. Flip chart stands can be provided. Markers and pads are not provided. White boards are available in all rooms.

3. Copier services are not provided.

4. Smoking is allowed outside the building only.

5. Approximately 100 parking spaces are available on Saturday and Sunday and in the evenings after 4:00 p.m. in the main parking lot beside the building on Dutchmans Lane. Additional parking is located across the street at the Jewish Community Center.

6. JFCS reserves the right to deny the usage of the facility by any group.

7. Audio Visual Equipment: JFCS does not provide AV equipment. In order to insure that you have the equipment that you need for your event you need to either: 1) bring your own equipment, or 2) rent equipment from an outside vendor at your own expense. JFCS staff will not be available to assist in the set-up of PC/laptop connections nor in the operation of equipment you bring or rent.

8. If you desire to serve wine at your event, advance permission must be granted by JFCS, and a licensed caterer will be required to serve the drinks. No cash bar will be permitted.

9. Indemnity Clause: The organization shall indemnify and hold harmless JFCS, the Board of Directors, and its agents and employees, from and against all claims, damages, losses, liability or expenses including attorney fees, resulting from any act or omission of said organizations or any officer, employee, guest, invitee or visitor of said organizations/individuals in or about the facilities provided; however it shall not be liable for injuries caused by the negligence of JFCS. JFCS shall not be liable for any injury to or the death of any person, or any loss of or damage to property, sustained by said organization/individuals or any other person whatsoever, arising out of its use of the facilities and which may be caused by the facilities or any appurtenance being out of repair, or the bursting or the leakage of any water, or by theft or by any act of neglect or any other tenant or occupant of the facilities or of any other person, or by any other cause of whatsoever nature, unless caused by the negligence of JFCS.

10. Repair: The organization shall maintain the rooms reserved or used by it, and the contents therein, in the same condition as delivered to it and shall promptly repair, at its expense, any damage to said rooms or contents occurring during the time said rooms are reserved or used by it, regardless of the cause of such damage (i.e. tearing of wall surface, damage to carpets or furniture). Any damage charges will be billed to the organization.

11. Clean up after meetings: The user organization agrees to leave the meeting room in the same condition it was in prior to the meeting. Therefore any meeting materials, food and food containers will be removed from the building or placed in the available trash receptacles.

12. Forfeiture of Future Use of Building: The organization shall, upon execution of this form, adhere to all rules for the usage of the meeting rooms, and pay for security for evening or weekends. The organization will be responsible for leaving the facility in the manner in which it was received. In the event of a default by said organization/individual in the performance of its obligations hereunder, the future requests for reserving of the meeting rooms by organization may be denied. If the room(s) is damaged, JFCS retains the right to have all damages paid by the organization.

The person submitting this request has read and agrees to be responsible for adherence to the terms of this contract by the organization, his or her group.


Meeting Room Request Form

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