Ring in the New! Make a Resolution?

2013 is just days away! Will you make a resolution this year? Popular choices for resolutions are to lose weight, exercise more, kick a bad habit, get motivated…you get the idea. Whatever you choose to change, the challenge is to stick with it. However, while the beginning of a new year is a great milestone to start your resolution with, you should make a change because you want to improve yourself, not because of the calendar. As better articulated in DCTalk Therapy (read the entire article at the link):

To put it another way, change isn’t a sprint around the block; it’s two steps forward and one step back. Expect bumps in the road, embrace the little victories and keep moving in the direction of your goal.

A few tips on making changes:

  • Keep it realistic and measurable (it’s easier to stick to a goal of 20 minutes of walking per day than the vague ‘work out a few times a week’)
  • Limit yourself to one change at a time
  • Do something you genuinely want to do rather than something you think you should do (for example, don’t vow to drop 30 pounds if what you really want to do is learn Japanese)

So if you haven’t chosen a resolution yet, get to it! It can even be fun – and with these pro tips, you’ve got a leg up to succeed this year. (For what it’s worth, this JFCS Graphic Designer stuck to hers for 2012 🙂 ) Have a great 2013!

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