Revamp that Resume!

Today’s Blog is written by Bob Steinman, Job Search Terminator

Still looking for decent interviews? Then go back to your résumé. The résumé gets the interviews and interviews get the jobs.

For each job you had, going back 10 to 15 years, list your accomplishments. Don’t be shy about taking credit where credit is due. For example: “Classified customers according to purchases using new software templates.”

Make a list of “action verbs.” Write your accomplishments beginning each with an action verb. Using the example above, perhaps it can be rewritten as: “Initiated computer-driven reclassification of customer base for better management of accounts – completed project error-free in half the time allotted and within budget constraints.”

Don’t believe that you have accomplished enough things to impress the reader? Think again. You didn’t get paid for doing nothing. Write each accomplishment assertively as to what you did, how you did it and the end result you got. These become “bullets” in your résumés, and letters. An accomplishments-driven approach to your résumé helps the prospective employer see how you can be a real asset for them.

About Bob Steinman – For ten years, Steinman and his wife operated their own successful, one-on-one career development and outplacement business. He created custom campaigns for people who were unemployed, reentering job markets, re-careering, or looking to advance from stagnant jobs. Steinman has a degree in electrical engineering, and completed post graduate studies toward an MBA in Marketing. He became President of a high-tech manufacturing company at age 34 and held senior management positions in small (85 to 185 employees), technical companies over a 25-year career. He has been the recipient of many awards for outstanding volunteer work including being named to the “Senior Citizen Hall of Fame of the City of Cincinnati” in 2001. Steinman and his wife relocated to Louisville, KY in 2009 to be near family.

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