Re-entering the workforce doesn’t have to be a leap of faith

According to Sheryl Sandberg in her book, Lean In, 43% of women with children leave their jobs or off-ramp for a period of time. Like many of these women, Tonya worked in sales until the mid-1990s when she gave birth to her first child. She decided to quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom.  After nearly 20 years of full-time parenting, she is interested in re-entering the workforce. Few job seekers face higher hurdles than at-home parents trying to return to the workforce.

Tonya recently finished Jumpstart Your Job Search at JFCS, where she learned how to network and prepare for an interview. Her most significant struggle has been how to reframe her experience as a volunteer at her kids’ schools, as well as the work she has done over the years for her husband’s company. Following Jumpstart, she has been meeting with a career counselor, who has helped her tailor her experience into a concise and impactful resume.

While Tonya has not yet found a job, she feels more confident in her career search, and she has become the CEO of her personal brand, which she is ready to sell to employers.  She knows the time with her children was invaluable to her personally, but her experiences at home have not left her devoid of skills she can use in the workforce.

If you are ready to re-enter the workforce like Tonya, JFCS is prepared and ready to help you along your journey.  Whether it is a return to your previous profession or exploring a new passion, Jumpstart Your Job Search is the perfect first step.  We are the longest standing career services provider in the region. Our mission is to encourage self-reliance, help individuals attain their maximum potential in career and educational development, and promote the economic well-being of our community. Call us today!

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