Pledge 13 Produce!

For his Bar Mitzah project, Zachary Goldberg (pictured above center with his siblings) has been collecting donations of fresh produce from the Louisville area farmer’s markets all summer and delivering that produce to the JFCS Food Pantry almost every week. He has been able to collect and donate hundreds of pounds of fruits and vegetables that might have been wasted or discarded during the harvest season. In fact, at the time of this blogging, he has collected 1556 lbs of produce and $ 144.03 of loose change in donations! He plans to continue until the end of October and into November, as long as the harvests allow. Zach says, “Food pantries are needed more than ever, especially during these very challenging economic times. Many families cannot physically get to farmers markets to experience what our great community has to offer. The goal of this project, is for me to be the liaison between the food pantry, our farmer’s market community, and the families.”

You can help too! Our needed items for this month in the Food Pantry are toiletries: full sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, hand/body lotion, disposable razors, and bars of soap. (No hotel samples please).

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