Paid internships lead to employment in the future

Written by Erin Heakin, JFCS Career Counselor

What does a hiring manager look for first? Relevant work experience, a recent study by the National Association of College and Employers shows that it is not your GPA or what college you attend(ed) as but the experiences you have had in the field and your transferable skills.

So how are you supposed to gain such experience? An internship! Internships not only develop the skills that employers are looking for but can also help with the following:

• The opportunity to “test drive” and gain a “real world” perspective on a career or occupation (Would I be happier in marketing or advertising? Am I more comfortable working with patients or in a lab? How much overtime do employees work? How much time is spent behind a desk versus in the field?)

• Establishing a professional network and possibly finding a mentor

• Possible college credit or certification

• An introduction to the field’s culture and etiquette (Are clients addressed by their first name? Are jeans appropriate for Casual Friday?)

The Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University found that 63% of college graduates who had completed a paid internship received a job offer within six months of graduation.

Jewish Family and Career Services and the Jewish Community of Louisville have offered paid internships for Jewish college students for over ten years. Whether accounting, marketing, or theater (to give a few examples)- we likely have an internship that connects to your major and career goals. In addition to a paid internship, interns will meet regularly to receive professional development around career and employment issues and learn more about the Jewish community in Louisville.

Click learn more or to apply Preference is given to applications that are received by April 3rd. If you have any questions, contact Erin Heakin, JFCS Career Counselor,  at (502) 452- 6341 ext. 246.

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