New – Power 2 Give Project!

JFCS is kicking off a new way to make a difference, and you can be a part of it! Using Power 2 Give, which allows anyone in our community to easily make a gift to projects and/or organizations that they are passionate about, JFCS and the Center for Enterprise Development have posted a Power 2 Give project, soliciting donations to create a revolving loan pool – specifically to help struggling artists get the start-up capital they need on terms they can afford to repay.

Your contribution will go toward funding not just one artist, but over time, dozens! A one-time donation will help Louisville’s low income artists empower themselves, and pass on the good fortune to other artists in the future. The Center for Enterprise Development at JFCS provides low-income entrepreneurs the help they need to become economically self-sufficient, independent business owners who create jobs and help build Louisville’s one-of-a-kind culture.

You might wonder why most artists don’t get a conventional bank loan.  The simplest answer is that a bank loan usually isn’t the best option for them.  Some may not have sufficient credit history, others may not have sufficient collateral.  Some may qualify for a conventional loan, but need more than just funds.  At the Center for Enterprise Development we provide the artists with more than just loans.  We provide the training and ongoing support that is often needed to not just start, but build a successful long-term business.

Find out more and make a donations here at the Power 2 Give page – we’ve only raised 2% of our goal so far!


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