Networking (by Any Other Name) is Still the Best Way to Find the Job!

Today’s Blog is written by Bob Steinman, Job Search Terminator

When you share your résumé with a friend, colleague, acquaintance, or for that matter, a headhunter, you have started a network.

People talk and people share, and best of all, people want to help. Think about it . . . if someone you knew asked you to look at their résumé wouldn’t you do it? Sure you would.

Well, it’s your turn to ask people (in person is best) whom you know – even former employers – if they would be good enough to critique your résumé and your job campaign. As easily, ask if they might know of any open positions, know of any places you might send your résumé, and if you might occasionally touch base with them throughout your campaign. If they do know of something, ask if you may use their name when you make that contact. A familiar name is a great door opener.

Your e-mail addresses, your social network, and family and friends can provide names for your networking. The more the better with one exception – if you are presently employed and you don’t want the boss to know you are looking, be very careful about who goes on your list.

About Bob Steinman – For ten years, Steinman and his wife operated their own successful, one-on-one career development and outplacement business. He created custom campaigns for people who were unemployed, reentering job markets, re-careering, or looking to advance from stagnant jobs. Steinman has a degree in electrical engineering, and completed post graduate studies toward an MBA in Marketing. He became President of a high-tech manufacturing company at age 34 and held senior management positions in small (85 to 185 employees), technical companies over a 25-year career. He has been the recipient of many awards for outstanding volunteer work including being named to the “Senior Citizen Hall of Fame of the City of Cincinnati” in 2001. Steinman and his wife relocated to Louisville, KY in 2009 to be near family.

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