My Third Week as an Intern: Networking

Baily at YPAL’s Community Connections Lunch

What made my third week such a different experience is that it took me out of my comfort zone; this helped me grow as a young professional and as a person. While continuing to write to my heart’s content, as I had the chance to research and write a few blogs. I also began to learn more about professional networking and fundraising.

With the golf tournament coming up in a few weeks, I have been working hard on continuing to find donations for the silent auction. After sending out more letters, I went with my supervisor and began going door-to-door asking for more donations. This experience, while initially awkward, was very rewarding (I am a bit shy), but I learned how to talk to a large number of strangers, advertising the golf tournament. In return, we received many donations from different boutiques and restaurants. I felt a sense of accomplishment from getting the donations by myself and in person.

Later in the week, I had the opportunity to attend a Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL) event with about 20 different non-profits, including JFCS, where young professionals could peruse, network and learn about volunteer opportunities at each organization. I had no idea what to expect going into this event. I met a lot of different people from different organizations and helped answer some questions about JFCS. Most importantly, I got a chance to see networking up close. As I am not a working professional yet, I have never had the opportunity to network with others. I learned that networking isn’t as scary or daunting as the word usually implies to young adults – it simply means connecting with others by talking about your business and your ideas. I saw a lot of different people making connections in front of me, and that felt very exciting to witness.

Overall, getting out of my comfort zone this week by talking to a lot of new people was very rewarding. It was part of the internship that I did not foresee; however, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow here at JFCS in the Marketing and Development department.

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