My Sixth and Seventh Weeks as an Intern at JFCS: Back-To-School Supply Drive!

Baily holding one of her decorated collection boxes.

After the Republic Bank Players Challenge golf tournament at the end of June, the mood around the office noticeably changed. Despite the rain, the tournament was a huge success, and it left most at the office feeling more relaxed. After the golf tournament was over, it became time to move on to the next big project: the Back to School Supply Drive.

Throughout the month of July each year, JFCS holds its annual Back to School Supply Drive. The drive serves low-income and immigrant clients of JFCS who need basic school supplies for their children. JFCS spends time collecting the necessary supplies, mainly through donations, and then sets up a Shoppe for the students to pick out their supplies; I’ve noticed that letting them choose their supplies gives them an important sense of normalcy and comfort.

On August 9, the Back to School Bash will be held, where young professional volunteers from VIALou not only stock and set-up the Shoppe, but learn about the needs of low-income and immigrant families. Following the event on August 9, the Back to School Supply Shoppe will be open from Friday, August 10 to Monday, August 13.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been organizing and preparing for the Back to School Supply Drive in many ways. Overall, I’m very excited I was able to contribute to such a valuable and selfless event.

Immediately following the golf tournament, I was tasked to create and decorate the collection boxes that were placed in each Louisville synagogue. Lisa, my supervisor, and I went to the Dollar Tree at the end of a work day to buy supplies, and I spent a significant portion of that night decorating the boxes. Generally, unlike my twin sister who’s a fantastic artist, my only artistic skill lies in my ability to write. Thankfully, none of the decorating involved drawing or painting. It involved organization, cleanliness, and stickers, which is more of my area of expertise. After making the boxes, I spent the next day taking the boxes to the different synagogues so members of our community can donate.

In addition to making the boxes last week, I spent a day this week driving to different coffee shops and restaurants to hang flyers for upcoming events. I hung three different flyers: (1) a Back to School Supply Drive flyer, which includes a list of suggested donations, (2) a Pancakes for the Pantry event flyer, which promotes an event on August 12 which raises money for the Sonny & Janet Meyer Food Pantry Fund, and (3) a Speed Networking event flyer which takes place at JFCS on July 31. Hopefully, people will see the flyers and contact JFCS for more information!

In between tasks for the Supply Drive, I’ve been continuing to write. Besides writing “Staff Spotlights,” I’ve also had the chance to compose some new blogs. Once again, I’m thankful that this internship, despite its emphasis on Marketing, gives me plenty of opportunities to develop and grow my writing skills. Time goes by really fast when you’re busy: I only have two more weeks of my internship left! Ultimately, I’m grateful that I got the chance to learn, grow, and gain helpful life experience. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my last two weeks at JFCS.

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