My Second Week as an Intern: Settling In

Baily preparing for the 110th Annual Meeting

After conquering the Mail Merge and other unfamiliar tasks last week, I have begun to feel more acclimated to the office environment, the Marketing and Development department, and JFCS as a whole. This week, I finished my Internship Orientation which began when I first started at JFCS over a week ago. Among other features, my orientation included a tour of the building; lessons on how to use the postage meter, the copier, and other supplies; how to make real coffee (not out of a Keurig); and meetings with the heads of each department at JFCS. Finishing my orientation this week marked a significant turning point in my internship at JFCS, it became easier to feel a part of the organization once the initial orientation was completed.

My second week as an intern has also involved more attention on immediate projects, such as the Annual Meeting and the golf tournament in late June.

JFCS’s Annual Meeting took place Wednesday night, so I spent the better part of last week and this week preparing. In addition to writing stories about various clients, I physically folded the annual reports. Like I mentioned last week, there is nothing like physical, tangible work that enables you to recognize your progress in such a gratifying way.

Although preparing for the Annual Meeting took up some time, I spent the majority of this week and last week searching for potential donors and requesting donations for the golf tournament in June. This week, in addition to mailing 60 new potential donors, I went on a couple of donation pick-ups with my supervisor Lisa Sobel-Berlow. It was interesting to physically go to the place and talk to the donors, rather than solely interacting through mail and email, as it so often happens nowadays.

Overall, this week was rewarding for me because I got to dig deeper into actual work at JFCS. I created a few more blog pieces, which has enabled me to continue to build my writing skills in a professional setting. I also received some initial donations for the tournament, which makes me excited for the event itself next month. Ultimately, I feel like because of the work I did this week, I made an actual difference, and that is all that anybody could want.

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