My Fourth Week as an Intern at JFCS: Going Door-To-Door

Baily and Lauren canvasing for donations.

My fourth week at JFCS as a Marketing and Development intern, while similar to my last few weeks, was not any less rewarding. Currently, most of my focus is on writing blog pieces and preparing for the Republic Bank Players Challenge on June 25th.

A few days this week, after lunch, I rode with my friend Lauren Figa, who graciously offered to be my “chauffeur,” as I continued going door-to-door requesting donations for the event’s silent auction. On Monday, we explored Bardstown Road, stopping in almost every retail shop and some restaurants. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we walked around Frankfort Avenue and Norton Commons in Prospect. I am grateful that I got the chance to share parts of my internship with my friend. While soliciting auction items, we experienced the joy of being handed a donation in return for hard work and determination. At the start, requesting donations was inevitably awkward; however, like last week, the longer I did it, the more confident I became and the less awkward the exchanges. Like my third week at JFCS, this week was a lot about stepping outside of my comfort zone. Thanks to the support I have, and I skills I’ve been learning over the past few weeks, I was able to face this challenge and succeed.

Due to the mass amounts of letters the marketing team sent out over the past couple of weeks, this week also proved very fruitful in terms of mailed-in donations. Most mornings, when I walked into work and sat down at my desk, there was a considerable pile of donations that had been mailed in. After spending so much time and effort on mail merging, stuffing envelopes, and using the postage meter, we see the fruits of our labor. Putting the donations into the spreadsheet over the past few weeks has also been very rewarding because it’s a physical list of all that Beverly, Lisa, and I have accomplished thus far in terms of donations.

My fourth week consisted of writing more blog pieces than I had done in previous weeks. Writing about JFCS and its services, like Passport Around Louisville Service (PALS) and College Quest, has taught me more about the organization itself than I learned during my orientation. I also began constructing ‘Staff Spotlight’ pieces, writing fun biographies about the staff at JFCS based on their answers to a questionnaire. This helped me learn a lot about the other staff at JFCS, outside of the Marketing and Development department.

Overall, this week at JFCS consisted of doing more work independently than over the previous couple weeks. I was happy to get the chance to see what I can do without the protective net of my supervisors. It’s remarkable how fast time has flown. By the middle of next week, I will already be halfway through my internship. I’m excited to continue developing my writing skills as I create new blog pieces and help JFCS prepare for its bigger events like the golf tournament, and eventually, the Back to School Bash and Supply Shoppe.

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