My Fourth Week as a Career Services Intern at JFCS: The Speed Networking Event

The past four weeks of my internship were consumed by the Speed Networking Event, where career candidates have five minutes to present their credentials to companies looking to hire.    I had been making non-stop phone calls to employers, frequently reaching out to job-seekers, and regularly assisting with logistical tasks. All-in-all, I spent a combined total of 120 hours working on Speed Networking.

On the fourth week of work, the Career Services crew began the final stages of preparation. I woke up bright and early the morning of the event to set up tables, lay out flyers, and put up signage. As candidates and employers began filtering in, it became my job to direct them to the correct rooms. Not to brag, but my greetings were as warm as a million suns; ask any of the guests and they’ll tell you the same thing. After everybody had been thoroughly greeted, I popped over to the Conference Room to make sure the networking session was running on time and that everyone was conforming to the procedures. Thanks to my noble efforts, the day ran more smoothly than anyone in Career Services could have expected. It was a wholesomely strenuous experience. However, the lack of hickups during the day of the event made all of the preparation well worth it.

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